Cold as Balls – Season 2 – LoL Network

Cold as Balls Season 2 via LOL Network

In the digital series Cold as Balls, Kevin Hart and his athletic idols take a dip in what has to be the coolest talk show ever produced. Produced by Kevin Hart’s the Laugh Out Loud Network and presented by Old Spice, this season features interviews with OBJ, Von Miller, Lamar Odom, and more!

S2 • E1

What’s in a name? Kevin Hart / Lil Toe / Lil Spiky and Ronald Artest talk about Ron’s transformation to Metta World Peace. Metta talks about finding inner peace and his favorite NBA teammates. This one will make you feel warm all over.

S2 • E2

Kevin Hart and Lamar Odom get very very deep in the icy cold tubs. Lamar talks about his struggle with anxiety, surviving strokes and heart attacks and finally finding his happy place.

S2 • E3

Kevin Hart and Johnny Manziel get deep about his choice for going to football over baseball, his college football career and his struggle with the Cleveland Browns. Sit back with a cold one.

S2 • E4

Kevin Hart finally makes Skip Bayless uncomfortable in this episode. (It may be due to the chilling debate or that Skip is shirtless in a ice tub, we may never know) Join us as Skip Bayless blames Kevin for the Sixers loss and hear his icy opinions on Lebron James. Both of them can talk for sure!

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S2 • E5

Did Von Miller just pull a fast one on Kevin Hart? In this interview-turned-solicitation, Von shows us ‘What’s In His Bag?’ and you won’t believe the “gifts” he brought for Kev!

S2 • E6

Kevin Hart and Isaiah Thomas bond on being the short guys. Isaiah Thomas talks about his longest day ever- being the last pick in the NBA draft, losing his tooth and his top 5 Point Guards in the NBA.

S2 • E7

Odell’s iconic hair is making it rounds to everyone on set! In this episode, Odell talks about growing up playing soccer, his journey into the NFL and finally catching that epic one-handed catch! We know you have all been on ice to see this episode! Let us know if it was worth the wait.

You can find more hilarious seasons of Cold as Balls on Recess SportsTV.