Remember recess? Remember being on the playground during lunch and being able to do whatever you wanted to for an hour? Professional athletes still deserve that break. The break to put down their equipment and be a person outside the uniform. This website and company are dedicated to showcasing, highlighting, and bringing fans the best news about their favorite professional athletes and what they are doing during their recess from the game. We aggregate content about the differences they are making, the businesses they are building, their hobbies, and the books, series, and films they are writing, producing, and starring in. It is Recess Sports Now’s MISSION to not only be a place to bring you news and content but to work with professional athletes and organizations to create original content fueled by passions and interests.

Brett Glatman, Chief Creative Officer

Brett Glatman is an independent producer and digital marketer whose most recent project includes the dramedy, THE GREATEST BEER RUN EVER, which Oscar-winner Peter Farrelly (GREENBOOK) is directing. The project is currently at Skydance Media (TOP GUN: MAVERICK, 6 UNDERGROUND). Brett also was integral in the sale of  THE G*DDAMN COMEDY JAM to Comedy Central, with Pete Davidson, Jim Jeffries, and Natasha Leggero.

Glatman is also a CLIO Entertainment winning recipient for an innovative mobile interactive film that he created in collaboration with Getty Images and SONY Pictures for ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD. As an industry veteran he has over a decade of experience selling and overseeing social and digital media campaigns to clients that include Kia Automotive, SONY, Disney, ABC, Paramount, and Netflix.


Brand Development: Recess Sports Now runs digital and social media-driven campaigns across various platforms for talent and brands. Campaigns include social media management, content creation, business/talent development, and production services.

Strategic Partnerships: We target brands that can create new revenue streams for our clients via sponsorships and partnerships.

Career Development: What do you want to do? Here is where we fulfill our Mission Statement of working with talent to develop a podcast, comic-book, produce content, set up a production company, facilitate introductions, write a screenplay, start an e-commerce shop, and more. Whatever the talent wants to do, we will figure out how to get it done. 

Current Clients

Coast Production (Julian Edelman’s Production company), Strategic Partnerships

Jimmy Conrad, Retired US World Cup soccer star and Twitch personality, Strategic Partnerships

Head Games Podcast: The Science and Psychology of Sport, provide marketing, producing, and brand building support

In Development

Contact us for more information on these projects.

Fighting Blind: This is the true-life story of Ryan Bow, a partially blind, young African American, who traveled to a foreign land to fulfill his dream of becoming an MMA champion. Written by Ryan Bow, the screenplay is based on Ryan’s own memoir “Tunnel Vision.”

Unt. George “Rube” Wadell Project: Based on the book Rube Waddell: The Zany, Brilliant Life of a Strikeout Artist, by Alan Levy, this is stranger than life tale of one of baseball’s most eccentric players. From chasing fire engines to wrestling alligators to leaving major games to go fishing, how is Rube’s name not synonymous with the likes of Cy Young? This feature delves into the history of the greatest baseball player you have never heard of.

Let’s Work Together

Contact Brett at info@recesssportsnow.com to find out how we can collaborate or partner on a project.