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Ball In The Family Season 1 via Facebook Watch
Ball in the Family: Season 1 – The Ball family is changing the game on and off the court. Meet LaVar, Tina, and their three sons– all born to go pro. For LaVar, it’s all going according to plan. But in life, there are some things you just can’t prepare for. Watch only on Facebook.

S1:E1 Bittersweet Victory

Meet LaVar, Tina, and their three boys born to go pro. Under fire from the media, LaVar and the whole family follow Lonzo to New York for Draft Day, but one special person can’t make the trip.

S1:E2 Forging a Path

Lonzo leaves home and gets ready for his next chapter as a Laker. Denise has worries about how their relationship will fare with Lonzo on the road. And LaVar takes Tina’s physical therapy to the next level.

S1:E3 Wild Boy

As Lavar continues to go all in on the BBB Empire by investing in a warehouse space as company headquarters, he grows frustrated with his youngest son, Melo, who is uninterested in contributing to the design of his own ‘signature shoe’. Finally, Lavar publically reprimands Melo at a Ferrari dealership for misrepresenting the family brand. Lavar begins Tina’s rigorous physical therapy.

S1:E4 All About the “W”

Lonzo Ball struggles in his debut as a Los Angeles Laker at Summer League in Las Vegas as they go 0-2 and Lonzo gets criticism from Lavar who hates to lose. BBB has their first pop-up at a shoe store and they are not prepared for the massive turnout.

S1:E5 The Making of a Leader

Lavar sets his sights on developing his fifteen-year-old son, Melo, into a leader on the basketball court during the AAU tournament. However, Lavar grows disappointed at Melo’s lack of energy and focus when the ‘Big Ballers’ lose badly in the second game. Gelo goes on a date with his girlfriend, Izzy, and confesses that adjusting to his first year of college is difficult.

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S1:E6 It Ain’t Easy Being Zo

Lonzo Ball returns to Los Angeles from Summer League in Las Vegas a MVP but his victory is short lived when he is immediately swept up into the extraordinary demands of preparing for the regular NBA Season while also promoting BBB at a pop-up with thousands of fans in attendance. If that weren’t enough, Lonzo lands himself in hot water with his girlfriend, Denise, when he upsets her with one of his rap lyrics during a recording session. Lavar rewards his wife Tina with a brand new necklace for working so hard towards her rehabilitation.

S1:E7 Back on Track

Lonzo is determined to dig himself out of a hole with his girlfriend Denise while in Las Vegas supporting his younger brother Melo in the AAU Summer Championships. Meanwhile his controversial father, Lavar, gets into a heated exchange with a female referee when he disagrees with her calls.

S1:E8 Big Ballin’ in Hawaii Pt.1

The Ball Family takes their first family vacation in Hawaii but the good times are interrupted when a jet-ski collision costs Lavar a pretty penny. Meanwhile, a ‘thirsty’ fan posing with Lonzo on Instagram rattles Denise.

S1:E9 Big Ballin’ in Hawaii Pt.2

In the last days of their vacation in Hawaii, Lavar challenges Tina to walk without her cane with great success. Denise and Zo resolve their differences over a questionable Instagram post and Melo freaks out when he goes shark diving.

S1:E10 Happy Birthday, Big Boy!

Lavar and Tina experience the price of fame as friends and strangers alike come out of the woodwork looking for a way to profit from their success. Meanwhile, Melo celebrates his sixteenth birthday by introducing his girlfriend Ashley to his friends and family for the first time.

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