Cold As Balls Season 1 – LoL Network

Cold As Balls via LOL Network

In the digital series Cold as Balls, Kevin Hart and his athletic idols take a dip in what has to be the coolest talk show ever produced. Produced by Kevin Hart’s the LoL Network and presented by Old Spice, this series features interviews with Candace Parker, Blake Griffin, Lavar Ball, and more!

S1 • E1

Kevin Hart and Blake Griffin discuss Oklahoma in the early eighties, NBA Playoffs, and more in this Cold as Balls episode.

S1 • E2

Kevin Hart and LaVar Ball are both cold as balls! They’re hollering, hooping, and in a tub of trouble!

S1 • E3

Kevin Hart and Draymond Green soak in a cold as balls bath. In the tub, Kevin Hart is safe from being kicked in the balls by Draymond Green. They’re raising eyebrows, blowing up floaties, and sizing up each other.

S1 • E4

Kevin Hart tried it with Candace Parker but he couldn’t get a single shot off! The two talk passing the rock, passing gas and passing down skills to their children! Hot topics in a cold tub, this is Cold As Balls!

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S1 • E5

Is Kevin Hart envious of tall, skinny, big feet Nerlens Noel? Check out this Cold As Balls episode. Nerlens flips the script on Kevin asking tough questions just like a real FBI Agent. There’s a ton of ice in the tub, but Kevin Hart might just be in hot water.

S1 • E6

Kevin Hart and Gabby Douglas flip out about The Olympics, gymnastics, gold medals, and granny panties. You’ll cry tears of joy and laughter watching these two in this episode of Cold As Balls.

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