John Cena’s Bleak Rotten Tomatoes Streak Confirms How Genius His $1.4 Billion Cameo From Last Year Was [via Screen Rant]

John Cena has appeared in multiple films that have achieved “Fresh” status on Rotten Tomatoes, but as of late, his movies have been deemed “Rotten” except for one hit that featured a cameo by the actor. Cena’s most recent film — the 2024 comedy Ricky Stanicky — has a 47 percent score on the review-aggregation website as of the writing of this article. Since projects need at least a 60 percent score to reach “Fresh” status, it seems as if the Amazon Prime Video movie will remain “Rotten,” even as more reviews flood in following its premiere on March 7… FULL ARTICLE ON SCREEN RANT

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By Sarah Little