No Script with Marshawn Lynch – Facebook Watch

No Script with Marshawn Lynch via Facebook Watch

No Script with Marshawn Lynch, from Facebook Watch, is an entertaining blend of comedy and reality through the unique lens of Marshawn Lynch, an elite NFL running back and one-of-a-kind personality. Created by Bleacher Report and Beast Mode Productions.

S1:E1 Marshawn F’s Up A Race Car

Marshawn Lynch turns a racetrack into a sideshow in the premiere of No Script.

S1:E2 Marshawn Remakes Star Wars

Marshawn needs to be the next Darth Vader.

S1:E3 Marshawn Punks a Sandwich Shop

Marshawn controls whatever this poor dude says.

S1:E4: Marshawn Discovers Viral Videos

Marshawn enjoys the internet and goes skydiving on this week’s #NoScript.

S1:E5 Marshawn Puts the Crew Through a Beast Mode Workout

Marshawn makes the crew sick with a Beast Mode workout.

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S1:E6 Marshawn Doesn’t Mess with Roller Coasters

Marshawn’s not about that roller coaster action 😷

S1:E7 Marshawn Crashes a Go-Kart

Marshawn gets his Ricky Bobby on 🏎.

S1:E8 Marshawn Blows Stuff Up with Science

“I feel like Wreck It, Ralph”

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