Comedy By Blake: “Blake is Doing Music Now” – Funny or Die

Blake is Doing Music Now” was produced by Red Bull Media House, in association with OBB Pictures.

Comedy By Blake: Episode 1

Blake Griffin announces his retirement from comedy in the saddest press conference in the history of the universe.

Starring: Blake Griffin, Kenny Mayne, Keegan-Michael Key

Comedy By Blake: Episode 2

Blake Griffin’s dream of being a musician gets destroyed, courtesy of his friends Neil Brennan, Jeff Ross, Jimmy O. Yang, and Jack McBrayer.

Starring: Blake Griffin, Neil Brennan, Jeff Ross, Jimmy O. Yang, Jack McBrayer.

Comedy By Blake: Episode 3

Basketball star Blake Griffin’s failed attempt at convincing Scooter Braun to sign him is the most heartbreaking thing you’ll see today.

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Starring: Blake Griffin, Scooter Braun, Craig Robinson

Comedy By Blake: Episode 4

A heartwarming ballad about…stuff.

Brought to you by Blake Griffin, Jeff Ross, Craig Robinson, and Jack McBrayer.

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