Brockmire Season 1 – IFC

Brockmire starring Hank Azaria on IFC

Attempting to rebuild his life while navigating his new sobriety, Brockmire (Hank Azaria) moves to Florida where he calls MLB Spring Training games for Oakland alongside former softball star Gabby Taylor (Tawny Newsome).

Hank Azaria as Jim Brockmire
Tyrel Jackson Williams as Charles
Amanda Peet as Jules James

Brockmire originally aired on IFC and the first episode of season 1 can be seen for free on All other episodes from season 1 can be streamed on or Hulu with proper authentication.

Season 1: Episode 1 – FREE

Rally Cap

Jim Brockmire is back. Years after his epic meltdown, sports announcer Brockmire is brought in to call games for a minor league team.

Season 1: Episode 2

Winning Streak

Jim and Jules hook up the night before the Frackers win a game. They attempt to keep the lucky streak going on and off the field. Meanwhile, Brockmire contemplates what Jules means to him.

Season 1: Episode 3

Kangaroo Court

The players hold an intense kangaroo court. Jules urges Brockmire to mediate. Meanwhile, Charles wonders why Brockmire thinks he is gay.

Season 1: Episode 4


Brockmire’s ex-wife, Lucy, reappears. Forced to confront his emotions, Brockmire defaults to drinking. Things quickly spiral out of control when he finds a target for his anger.

Season 1: Episode 5

Breakout Year

Jules and Charles work to renew Brockmire’s internet fame. Their efforts payoff tenfold when Brockmire gains a very unexpected fan base.

Season 1: Episode 6

Road Trip

Brockmire and Jules have a pregnancy scare. Brockmire works out his father issues with Charles. Jules and Brockmire decide to take a road trip to Pittsburgh.

Season 1: Episode 7

Old Timers Day

To his surprise, Brockmire and Jules are invited to attend an annual broadcaster’s dinner. Brockmire finally makes peace with Joe Buck and has a breakthrough realization. Charles attempts to impress a girl.

Season 1: Episode 8

It All Comes Down to This

Brockmire must choose between staying in Morristown with Jules or returning to the major leagues. Jules holds a stadium-wide drinking contest. An intense play on the field leads to a victorious moment and a surprising conclusion.

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